The Chaat Ka Chaska Story

Step into the lively world of Chaat Ka Chaska, where careful design makes the experience captivating and immersive. The journey begins with Vibrant Interiors, filled with eclectic decor, chandeliers, Bollywood posters, and lively truck art.

Immerse yourself in the Bollywood Flair, where the spice and flair of Bollywood enrich the atmosphere, creating a flavorful ambiance that matches the dishes served. This ensures an enchanting dining experience.

CKC Food

At the heart of Chaat Ka Chaska are the Signature Hero Products, including Gulaboo Chai, Rajbhog Shake, Bubblegum Cooler, B.Tech Chaat, Tower Chaat, Pavbhaji Fondue, Gupta Ji Burger, Chaska Spl Street Fancy Sandwich, and Makhani Soya Kimma Pizza. Each item is a culinary masterpiece that adds to the overall charm.

The culinary adventure continues at the Culinary Wonderland at Chaat Ka Chaska, inspired by India’s street cultures, resulting in a delightful mix of flavors and a lively celebration of culture.

Indulge in Desi Delights

The beverages of Chaat Ka Chaska are brewed in-house, evoking a gleeful sense of nostalgia like with the Bubblegum Cooler and Mango Lassi or their more indulgent counterparts like the Rajbogh Shake, a taste of the legendary Eastern Indian confectionery culture and perfection, in a glass.

We have also taken pride in elevating the humble, household chai with our signature Gulabo Chai. A touch of decadence and rose, infused with the tea which enriches your everyday tea ritual!