Are you looking for street food business franchise opportunity? Chaat Ka Chaska, a new venture of Brewbakes Café, is offering distinct, innovative and profitable franchise system for chaat and street food business in different cities and towns of India. We promote sustainable street food business franchise system incorporating operational excellence and years of experience in the food business. We are not new to food business as we have successfully established 120+ Brewbakes Café franchise outlets in Pan Asia.

We at Chaat Ka Chaska have solid business plan for making establishment of street food outlets in different cities and towns of India. Chaat Ka Chaska outlet can be started at low investment but can yield high profit with good margins. We will provide remarkable franchise support in establishing your own street food outlet. We will supply all the major food products and provide appropriate training to staff to prepare authentic Indian street food like Panipuri, Chaat, Bhel, etc. If you have ever dreamed of being a business owner and making money with low investment we have the right solution for you.

What challenges are entering in food business?

  • Substantial monetary investment
  • Competition to established brands
  • Patience - A long term wait for Break Even Point.
  • Procurement of good quality raw materials
  • Wastages of food and food products
  • Lack of proper training and operational skills

What solution we have to overcome challenges

  • Nominal investment required
  • Strategic approach to beat completion
  • Lower risk, higher ROI, Brand Value
  • Easy procurement of raw materials
  • Remarkable franchise training/support
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Why You Should Get Chaat Ka Chaska Franchise

In our experience in food business for many years, we all are faced with challenges. There are some challenges in our life that seem insoluble. But you need to be practical and change your perspective. We at Chaat Ka Chaska have overcome with challenges and hurdles you may see. We have solid business plan, and concrete marketing strategy that will make your perspective completely changed. You need to go through and follow our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You can start your own food business in low investment and earn money with significant margins.

  • India’s most affordable food business model
  • Fastest growing chaat & street food brand
  • Brand recognition in the market
  • Nominal investment required to get into the business
  • Time tasted distinctive food business model
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lower risk of failure
  • No prior experience required
  • Proper training and full support provided
  • Excellent margin on sale/higher ROI
  • Supply of good quality products and raw materials
  • Digital marketing support
  • A variety of mouthwatering food items
  • Easy to make dishes – no wastage of food
  • Well-design food menu by Chaat Ka Chaska
  • Assurance of hygiene & quality
  • Aim to serve everyone
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Own a Franchise

Our Franchise Models

CKC Food Court Model

Area: 100 – 300 sq.

CKC Premium

Chaat Ka Chaska Tirunelveli

Area: 800 – 1200 sq.

CKC Lounge

Chaat Ka Chaska Tirunelveli

Area: 1200 – 2000 sq.