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Delhi is not only the nation’s capital but also known as the food capital of India. People in Delhi have big hearts with an appetite as big. Delhi is famous for two things – its history and street foods franchise in Delhi.

And the passionate love of Delhite for the street foods have made Delhi the food hub like none else in India. Being a Delhiite, you might know what and where you should eat.

But, the people who are new in Delhi or visit less, should know the popular street foods franchise in Delhi that they should eat in Delhi. Here are the top popular and luscious street foods that you must try when in Delhi.

Chole Bhature

From the Punjab state of Northern region Chole Bhature is not only one of the most popular street foods of Delhi but, famous all over India.

The combination of Chickpeas curry and fried flat-breads is Chole Bhature, one of the most eaten breakfasts in Northern India. A perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Chole Kulche

If you have ever eaten or tasted Bengal’s famous Ghugni then you will find Chole Kulche quite similar to it. White peas curry served with plain Kulche is one of the most popular street food items from a franchise in Delhi.


If you haven’t tried Paranthe Wali Gali’s Paranthe then you cannot say that you love Parantha.

Paranthe Wali Gali is actually a narrow street in Chandani Chowk in Old Delhi, and it is famous for its small series of shops that sell delicious varieties of Paranthe.


Kachori has always been the favorite snack or street food of almost all the Delhiites. Kachori is a flaky and tasty snack made with spiced moong lentils stuffing.

There are different varieties of Kachoris but, the most popular ones are Dal, Pyaz and Aloo. Dal Kachoris are absolutely sensational and khasta Kachori is the most popular varieties of Kachori in Delhi.


Originally a Tibetan recipe but popular street food of Delhi is Momos. This is a steamed dumpling stuffed with vegetables or chicken fillings and served with red spicy chutney or mayonnaise.

But, in Delhi you will find unlimited varieties of Momos. From steamed to fried and tandoori momos, Delhi streets have got the perfect twist to satiate your appetite.


Dosa is a South Indian dish but is liked by almost all over India and Delhiites love to eat Dosa.

Made from fermented rice and lentils batter and stuffed with potato filling, masala dosa is one of the popular street foods of Delhi. Most of the people who are on diet eat plain dosa with sambar and chutney.

Tikki Chaat

One of the very popular street foods of Delhi, served in variant varieties is Chaat and the most popular one is Tikki Chaat.

Chaat is a tangy and savory dish prepared with chickpeas, grounded spices and mix with tamarind chutney or green chutney.

Aloo Chaat

This variety of Chaat from Delhi has a separate fan base and now has a good fan following anywhere else in the country as well.

The golden-brown deep-fried cubed potatoes topped with onions, coriander leaves, chaat masala, and lemon juice and sometimes it is also served with some spicy chutneys.

Ram Laddoo

Whether call it Ram Laddoo or Moong Dal Laddoo, but it is one street food that is evergreen. It is popular street food or snack in Delhi that is prepared with moong dal and chana dal batter.

This deep-fried snack mixed with mint chutney and fresh mooli is just entirely satisfying.


To all the non-vegetarians, Biryani is not just food but emotions for them. Their heart starts to sing with joy whenever there are served with a plate of Biryani.

And in Delhi you will find different kinds of Biryani like Hyderabadi, Moradabadi, and Awadhi Biryani. Well, you can also have dum biryani in Delhi and for the vegetarians they can order Veg-Biryani as well.

So, whenever you are in Delhi these are the street food items that you should not miss to eat.

Lastly, if you think that you can’t eat in the streets then there are many upscale street foods franchises in Delhi that serve scrumptious and delicious street foods items in their restaurant.

You can visit a restaurant in Delhi and enjoy these delicacies.

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