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how to start a food business

Panipuri is one of the best street foods to think about how to start a food business devour in India. Not only girls but also boys go crazy for this amazing dish. Well, one can bet that no one would ever say ‘no’ to panipuri.

But you will find that panipuris are of different varieties in different states of India.

Some people prefer potato stuffing, while in some other places, people prefer black gram and potato stuffing. But whatever the filling of the panipuri is, they have a lot of fan following.

What is Panipuri?

Panipuris are a small or medium-sized crispy spherical shaped edible items, which is fried till they become crispy. They are also known as golgappas.

They are made of wheat flour or semolina and are sold in packets. Basically, in one packet there are around 100 golgappas and it can be sold loose also.

It is a tasty and tangy snack served with various innovative fillings dipped in water on a small plate.

Many people say that it helps and cures mouth ulcers and acidity. This yummy snack is equally popular in countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

It also provides a great opportunity for Indian brands to grow and expand their street food franchise in foreign countries with franchisestudioss

There are some exquisite mouth-watering recipes which you can try if you find or you can prepare it at home also.

7 Relishing Fillings of Panipuri

# Chocolate Panipuri – If you are a chocolate lover, you will definitely like this dish as the golgappas are coated with chocolate and the filling is of various nuts and colorful candies.

It is served with creamy milkshakes. It is totally irresistible and innovative dish to consume. And surely, you will cherish this mesmerizing and exclusive panipuri.

# Fruity Panipuri – This is another innovative panipuri you should taste. It should be in the brim of your bucket list of eating unique food.

The fillings of the mango panipuri comprise chopped mango, musk melon, cherries, guava, pear, black pepper, lemon juice and salt.

This also a mouth-watering dish and I am sure that you will be addicted to this dish, if you consume it once. You can also eat this panipuri during your fasting days.

# Jhat-pat Panipuri – This is another type of panipuri which uses black grape juice instead of tamarind water. In this particular golgappa, the filling would be of whole green gram, boiled green peas and chopped onions.

water would be most preferable in this dish as it will increase its taste. This is a healthy golgappa and you can have it anytime you crave it.

# Normal Panipuri – It is an immensely popular dish that is highly available all over India. It is filled with black salt, mango pulp, cumin seeds, chili powder and salt for taste. Boilled chana is also added to the panipuri recipe.

# Mumbai Panipuri – This panipuri brings a tangy taste of sweet chutney and spicy water. Fillings for this particular panipuri are mixed sprouts, mashed potatoes, chili powder, black salt, coriander-cumin seeds.

All these ingredients are mixed together to get the perfect taste of this panipuri.

# Thai Panipuri – Thai panipuri is an age-old panipuri with mixed vegetable and coconut salt as their filings. This innovative Thai panipuri will captivate and mesmerize you with its complicated flavored filings.

Ingredients used for the fillings are coconut milk powder, milk, cornflour, butter, chopped mixed vegetables, chopped green chilies, chopped green chilies, ginger and garlic paste, and some salt.

# Mango Panipuri – Mango flavored panipuri is blended with chat masala. You can also serve it in parties as the unique flavor will fill the minds of the guests with unknown exotic happiness.


These are some varieties of panipuris, which you can get from nearby food franchises or you can make these varied panipuries at home only.

Before choosing the best food franchise companies before thinking about how to start a food business, you have to make sure that the selected companies should have these characteristics:

  • Should have reputable brand image
  • Pay heed to cleanliness
  • Should be experienced in their work
  • Should maintain proper etiquettes and mannerisms with the consumers

You should keep all these factors in mind before going on how to start a food business a good food franchise company to eliminate your panipuri craving. So, get on with the tastiest Panipuris and satiate your taste buds.

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