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 Tips for Trying Street Food without Getting Sick

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Perhaps, Binge On Street Food in Monsoon has today become an integral part of everybody’s travel in fast food franchise in India.

Whether you are out for a stroll or returning back from a movie at night, you are always tempted to see your favorite food at a street stall, isn’t it?

Though there are no complete restrictions to have How to Binge On Street Food item, a little care and prevention have to be taken in the months of monsoon.

In the monsoon season, sandflies, mosquitoes and other dirt are not rare to see and thus, they all hit the street food items too especially the street food.

Times are gone when people used to eat food only for necessity, as today they do it more for joy. So, if you want to attack your favorite street food stall, you definitely can.

But, you need to keep an eye on dos and don’ts if you don’t want to fall sick.

This blog discusses some of the essential tips which you must follow to keep enjoying the street food items even in a monsoon while keeping your health fit & fine:-

# Check Out the Line-ups –

True that you are always told to visit the stalls with the longest line-up, isn’t it? But, do you also check out who is in the line? If not then you should.

Of course, your tummy would be less resilient to that of taxi drivers who are used to consume street meals. So, you should look out for women and children in the line.

More people, more families at the street stall would be a good hint for you to visit it. Of course, if families are visiting it then it must be safe and hygienic.

# Prefer Transparent Kitchen –

The best part about trying out food at a street stall or any fast food franchise in India is that you can see what’s going on in the pantry and kitchen area.

The good bet here would be to choose the street stall where one person is handling money and the other is in charge of preparing food.

It is better to avoid a stall where the person touching the money is also touching the ingredients and then serving as well. The staff using plastic gloves is both a pre-requisite and a hygienic add-on especially in the monsoon.

# Wipe The Cutlery –

Develop the habit of carrying baby wipes from now on. You should know that cutlery can be a major source of bacteria even if you are halting at any popular street food stall or any fast food franchise in India.

Yes, those wooden chopsticks, plastic forks and spoons do need a wipe down with a tissue, as they tend to catch dust, dirt and flies especially during the monsoon season. Do this even if you get those weird looks from others.

# Eat When Locals Eat –

This is a very important tip. There are stalls that prepare food in the morning and continue serving the same till night.

So, you are definitely not going to such a stall to eat stale food.

makes sense that 1 pm lunches and 8 pm dinners usually do not fit the meal patterns of many but to try out the fresh food, you will have to alter your schedule if that’s when the locals eat. You are sure to get fresh food at these hours.

# Choose Fully Cooked Food –

In monsoons, people usually complain of having diarrhea and food poisoning after they have had street food. One of the reasons behind this is eating raw or semi-cooked food.

If you think that you can eat out those raw shrimps in bulk then think twice. This is not actually what your stomach can handle.

You must know that germs are killed in the heat of food being cooked unlike the raw food, which infests germs and insects.

# Stick to Vegetarian –

Love meat? Be a vegetarian, for a change! Even the core of carnivore people avoids feasting upon non-vegetarian dishes at local street stalls, as water is usually contaminated at such places.

It is better to stick to vegetarian food when it is about street stalls especially in the monsoon.

Remember, there is no guarantee that your food adventure won’t become a misadventure. Even the iron cast stomachs can be hit and if this is the case with you then you must visit a doctor without making any delays.

If it’s diarrhea that is under control, you can simply pull out medicine from your medicine box at home. On the other hand, seeking advice from a medical expert is necessary if the condition has worsened.

Moreover, you can always try your much-loved street food dishes at a fast-food franchise in India near you. It will be a hygienic, safer and tastier experience for you. So, enjoy the delectable chaats while staying healthy. Take care!

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