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Street Food

Gone are the days when we had to choose between taste and quality. Restaurants Diving into Street Food was considered as a ‘Cheat’ diet as it hampered ones’ health.

But with restaurants diving into the street savories,  we now have endless opportunities to book our tables and enjoy roadside eateries from across the globe- that too quality assured.

The street food market is witnessing a boom all around the world. People are more into trying different cuisines. This made restaurateurs take up street-side menus and hence have changed the way we look at street foods.

With franchise and giant restaurants offering roadside eateries, it has transformed the food market for the better. Pizzas, burgers, hot dogs from the West to noodles, soup, Manchurian from the Chinese culture, are now available under one roof.

India has a long list of savories that has made recognition all around the Globe.

It has brought accolades to the Indian street food market which is now being even more organized, given the funds from the International and National food franchise.

Street food and budget are almost synonyms

The demand for street cuisines is ever-burgeoning given the fact that it is so pocket friendly. It attracted people because of its properties of being readily available, in great taste and at an affordable price.

This price factor made us ditch the restaurants but now with the fusion of the two, food lovers are in for a treat.

The deal between street food and hygiene

It was a valid point of argumentation that restaurants diving into street food lacks hygiene. But kudos to the idea of well-structured restaurants opting for healthier versions of street food.

These restaurant stalwarts have the required skills and aid to bring the best version of street delicacies without compromising with the taste and strictly no messing with the flavors.

What will it bring to our platter

The duo of street food and restaurants is like a foodie’s biggest dream. It will be an eating paradise. To be able to enjoy roadside mouth-watering items in the right place at the right moment at the right price.

From Gujarat’s dhokla to South India’s Dosa, from Bihar’s litti chokha to Lucknow’s kebabs, India is a land of appetite. Food is an important aspect of our culture and tradition.

‘Chai’ remains the most famous beverage across the Globe, after water. Although invented by the Chinese, India added flavors to it and its worldwide growth can be accredited to one and only, India.

‘Samosa’, a North-Indian food delight that goes well with both chai and cold drinks. Be it a special occasion or random guests at home, samosa is everyone’s past time favorite.

‘Paranthe’, a foodaholic guide to eating the right way. Filled with onion, potatoes, paneer, mix veg and soaked in butter, it can be enjoyed with curd or spicy chatni.

‘Golgappa’, something every girl drools over. There is no denying this is the most loved roadside food and we can’t help but thank the inventor till eternity.

‘Chhole kulche’, again a favorite. It should already be declared as the state food.

‘Vadapav’, Mumbai boasts of its roadside eateries. Vadapav is basically bread dipped in butter with mashed potatoes and other veggies.

‘Bhelpuri’, found almost in all the nooks and corners of India. This is a yummy mixture of Bhel, chopped onions, green chutney. This all in one savory is an all-time favorite. It contains almost all the flavors in the right proportion.

India’s food culture is a long long long list of different food cuisines. Every state has its own range of savories.

But with the coming up of restaurants with roadside food it has already garnered a lot of attention and we cannot wait anymore to be greeted with the flavors of India.

One such destination is Chaat ka Chaska. Not many franchises can cater so precisely to the nitty-gritty details to relish but Chaat ka Chaska is a name in itself.

One must always listen to his/her instincts and if it is related to chaat, it definitely deserves to be followed. The key mantra is to enjoy your food and it’s only possible if you equally enjoy the ambiance and the services.

Its really rude to keep yourself away from lip-smacking Panipuri, Dahi Bhalla, Sev Puri, Tikki and many more at the most trusted and recognized food franchise across India.

Chaat ka Chaska welcomes you with your friends and family to have a wonderful time and a chaat to swear by.

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