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indian street food

No matter how much you praise the continental foods and the classy 5star hotels but the importance of Indian street food can’t be ignored and think about why Indian street food?

From our very own humble Golgappa, Chole bhature, Kebabs, Litti chokha, Fritters, Noodles, Chaat, Momo to rolls are always ready at your service without burning a hole in your pocket.

In the last few decades, the street food franchise industry has become one of the most prospering industries.

While walking through the street or strolling along with the market, you just can’t deny the presence of all the street food vendors around and once your eyes catch the sight, the salivating smell starts tickling your taste buds.

In a developing country like India, the common people usually can’t afford the expenses of luxurious eateries and street foods are the best option for them.


Going to a restaurant and waiting for a long time after placing your order is really time-consuming and if you are returning from your work after a long tiresome day you would not like to do so for sure.

That is the reason people are more likely to have food from street food joints.


Feeling hungry and in no mood to cook at the same time, Chill!! Street foods are what you can rely on. Street food vendors can be seen almost everywhere, even you might find them right in front of your residence.

Just get outside and pamper yourself with all the mouth-watering Indian why-street-foods. Even they provide home delivery services too.

Pocket Friendly

At the end of the month, most of us run low on money and the street foods become our savior.

In a pocket, friendly budget street foods provide solace to our starved stomach and that’s why street foods are prevailing over the costly restaurant foods and the street food sellers are mushrooming nowadays.


On the other hand street food franchise, eateries provide lots of food varieties where you get to try different foods in spite of being money conscious.

Vendors usually try to cook in different styles with innovative ideas and people get to taste the fusion foods.

Several food joints offer foods with special garnishing and toppings as per the preference of their customers and that makes people fall more for them and when it comes to hygiene.

The street food sellers try their best to maintain hygiene and the good part is generally they cook in front of your eyes so you can have them without worrying.

The structure of the Indian food industry has been changed immensely and numerous food brands are coming up with food chains to offer street foods that will be running across the country and apart from this they also have launched food truck services.

The street food franchise industry is growing by leaps and bounds as the renowned food companies are reaching at our doorsteps.

Leading food business franchisers like ‘Chaat Ka Chaska’ is now all set to offer various Indian street food franchises at a very affordable price rate.

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